Lab Manager: Taylor Kampf

Taylor is a recent graduate with a B.S. in Psychological Science from Montana State University. She has been with the SARAH lab for two years as a research assistant and now over a years as lab manager. She plans on attending graduate school and pursuing a PhD in psychology but has not yet decided on a specific discipline at this point. Outside of academia, Taylor enjoys traveling, yoga, kayaking, and hiking.


Graduate Student: Cory Counts

Cory is a Gallatin County native in his second year of graduate school at Montana State University.  He has been with the SARAH Lab for four years, two as a research assistant and two as a graduate student.  Research interests include early family environments, physiology, stress, sleep, and health promoting behaviors. 



-Outstanding Psychology Undergraduate Year (2017-2018)

-Presidential Emerging Scholars Grant (2018)

-APS Scholar's Award (2019)

-Outstanding Performance in Research Award- Psychology Department 


Lab Alumni: Courtney Tintzman

A former graduate research assistant within the SARAH Lab, Courtney recently defended her dissertation and became the second graduate of the Ph.D. program in the psychology department. In her time in the SARAH Lab, she mainly examined the relationship between the subjective experience of vitality, perceived stress, and health, which was the focus of her dissertation, titled “Putting The Vital In Vitality: Establishing The Link Between The Phenomenological Experience Of Vitality And Patterns Of Blood Pressure In The Laboratory And Daily Life.” Following graduation, Courtney left academia to pursue her dream career: a user research position at a large software development company, where she gets to utilize her breadth of methodological, statistical, and analytical knowledge every day.


-Meritorious Award, 2016, Montana State University 

-First Year Graduate Student of the Year, 2017, Montana State University

-PhD Enhancement Fund/Fellowship, 2018, Montana State University

LaLab Alumni: Eric Ashmore

Eric was with the SARAH Lab for three years, one as a research assistant and two as lab manager. He will be attending graduate school at the University of Nebraska Omaha with a concentration in occupational health. He has been interested the incorporation of health psychology principles and methodology into the industrial and organizational psychology field. Eric enjoys hiking and spending time with friends in his free time.